Who we are

Gavitex is a powerful solution ideal for digitally savvy customers and professionals. It enables users to store, backup, access documents and personal media across all of their devices and operating systems. The service was designed in order to provide users with multiple tools and opportunities to:

-          view, arrange and deliver any media file to friends and family;

-          run photos and images, group them in albums and share both with others.

Besides, soon users will be able to:

-          upload and listen to music faves anytime and anywhere;

-          save personal videos and records, and watch them directly in Gavitex account.

The story of Gavitex has started, as DepositStorage cloud was established. It was introduced in 2012 by DigitCapital, an international management company, and Depositfiles service, thus, crucially expanding the range of user operations. The latter has experienced service’s makeover from the file locker site into a cloud storage with 5 GB of free disk space. In December 2013 DepositStorage disk space became five times bigger, ultimately, providing users with 25GB of free disk space with an opportunity to upgrade.

Next year, in 2014, DepositStorage cloud experienced major changes, caused by Depositfiles and DigitCapital split-up. Thereupon, since recently DepositStorage remains in business portfolio of the second and, furthermore, was rebranded to Gavitex, a media file management service. Depositfiles and Gavitex are freestanding services, each providing different features and opportunities.

Gavitex team works at new applications and tools, which are to facilitate users’ work with files of different formats, including audio and video data. So far, Gavitex enables users to make use of such features as Storage, Shared Files, Shared Folders and Gallery. By the way, the latter was released not so long ago, and lets users manage personal photos, sort them in albums and grant access to both if necessary. To get better insight into Gavitex tools and opportunities, please visit our Features page, or you can join Gavitex social newsfeeds on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • Alex

    “…To get better insight of DepsoitFiles tools and applications visit the Features page on our blog.” There the mistake – may be you mean – “…DepositFiles…”?

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      Thanks for letting us know, Alex!
      Your note has been taken into account and fixed.

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      Thanks for letting us know, Alex! Your note has been taken into account and fixed.

    • Cybernator

      There the mistake “DepositFiles”. Maybe you mean “Depositfiles”?

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    a special thank u very , very ,very much guys from the bottom of my hard my god bless u

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