Top 5 Reasons to Register in Gavitex Cloud Right Now

Various reasons lead us to register an account in a cloud storage. Many are still driven by extra disk space and utilize it eventually from time to time. In practice, there are numerous tricky situations one can face rarely, albeit they may unveil the benefits of timely registered account as strongly as ever.

Gavitex cloud storage

Numerous entries to a single storage

Cross-platform nature of people’ everyday life is one of the most peculiar cases of why lots of users have once decided to store personal files online. Throughout the day we review data on a desktop, on mobile screens when away, and it goes like this perhaps all the time – navigating from PCs to smartphones. For this reason, Gavitex launched apps for almost all operating systems in use. When all personal media and business files are saved at one place, it is a matter of a few seconds to view them from any device within reach.

Saving a SD card

Availability of stored data is not an issue any more. And it also related to cameras, often utilized to take instant pictures and photos. They may be directly uploaded to the Gallery, saving gigabytes of disk space on a device. This feature is extremely valuable during travel, celebrations or any other occasion when tons of photos are taken at once. Imagine hundreds of photos moved straight forwardly to a specially created folder, which is easily found afterwards. And no extra space is used on a SD card.

Sudden PC failure? No way!

And what about computers? Despite obviously bigger hard drive, these machines happen to fail, and a huge amount of data collected over the years may be erased as quickly as one click. Moving it from offline to online beforehand may indeed keep one on a safe side, especially this simple action is done regularly. Gavitex users may invest in safety of personal data by uploading or dragging files from PC folders from time to time (as both a matter of convenience and a precautionary measure).

Online archive at work

It is also applied to shared data. Collaborative work is the very reason when lots of data, occasionally updated or edited, should remain available. Colleagues go to vacation, fall ill, retire or leave the office all the time, yet common projects are ongoing. By storing them online one can truly save work of all project members and continue using it further on. Shared Files and FileDrop Uploader in Gavitex were designed to allow multiple people create, cooperate and gain success easily by granting access and choosing user rights (viewing, editing, etc.). It is possible to arrange an online maintenance of projects, both big and small.

Extra bonuses

The functionality of cloud storages, including Gavitex, grows constantly. And it is on our storage users may expect far more than a free space for personal files. For instance, any media might be uploaded, downloaded or shared with no speed or time limits. Everything is stored indefinitely, and may be viewed or even listened (if it is an audio) right away.

Perhaps, it is about for you to move favorite playlist to Gavitex account to avoid losing it in future. Go ahead!