Top 5 Cloud Features Gavitex Users Should Pay Attention To

Let’s outline the most effective and valuable cloud features among all the functionality Gavitex provides us with constantly.

Gavitex cloud storage

25GB disk space

For starters, 25 GB is a big thing. Have you already utilized all the free disk space, granted as signed up? Average users rarely upload large-size files, yet it is good to know that there is always some room for extra data, such as video records, photo albums or audio collections. We got used to automatically upload and save documents to work on them later, and for this reason 25GB online drive is an inexhaustible and always within reach box for any data, requiring setting aside.

Gavitex cloud storage free 25GBRemote upload

Obviously, some files are kept on our hard drives, and some are still online, waiting for our review. The very thing about remote upload is having no trouble with forwarding data to personal hard drive (and sometimes it exceeds disk space capabilities of the PC) – one should simply place a link to data in a required field. The latter is given when launching remote upload in the personal account. A few seconds later you may notice that the file you were “hunting” for is safely placed in the Storage or any other media application of Gavitex, if the format requires.

Media sorting

Unconsciously, we do manage various kinds of files every day. Music, videos, texts and surely photos pop up in front of our eyes, and some are truly worth saving in Gavitex. Haven’t you ever added an interesting article or book into bookmarks, or placed memorable photos in an album? By doing such things online, time expenditures are greatly cut, and a few clicks management of fancied media data remains an obvious benefit.

Gavitex Gallery Index

Gavitex is designed specifically for those willing to have everything in one place, either documents or entertaining media, and furthermore sorts files in correspondence to the format. Isn’t it handy? There are no more worries which folder to look for, as clips are in Video, photos are in Gallery and tracks are in Audio. In addition, one can always carry on sorting files, for instance, by date, name, events, etc.

Virus Protection

Probably, virus protection is one of those Gavitex cloud features that are hard to underestimate. Installation of alike utilities on the PC is really a must-do thing, so why it shouldn’t be of the same obligatory nature in the online?Given the fact Gavitex is a personalized service, taking care of user files’ security appears to be an apparent task that should be completes 100%.

Gavitex Virus Protection

In particular, a few dozens of enabled antivirus programs scan every *exe file as uploaded. Such data is the most vulnerable to viral and Trojan threats, and eliminating them in Gavitex surely means avoiding further distribution of infected data to the hard drive of yours or someone else when sharing it.

Compliance with any device

It is now users got used to various devices, paying less attention to hard drives on PCs and furthermore their disk space capabilities. Commonly recognized trend of the second screen (that is a presence of extra screen/device within reach) requires an adjustment of online services to user needs. That was the purpose of Gavitex when releasing its apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Any operating system or device is compliant with your favorite online storage and file management service, preserving its availability and accessibility anywhere.

Gavitex applications

To sum up, have you tested any of these features? Perhaps, you’ve fancied some other Gavitex tool or app. In such case, please mind you comment is very much welcomed!