Start with Data Upload to DepositStorage!

One of the major concerns cloud storages should keep an eye on is how to provide users with the easiest way to upload files. In sober fact, uploading and downloading are two sides of a coin, being essential operations one can conduct and, furthermore, basic ones to continue working in storage afterwards. Reasonably, everything starts with data upload to DepositStorage, and only then it can be shared, downloaded, renamed, copied, etc.

upload to depositstorageAs the account is created, file upload is probably the first thing you can do. In order to manage a storage, user should have something in it, shouldn’t he? In this context, DepositStorage has already presented several ways to export files into the service, and some are to come down the road.

Explore your interface options

Web-interface is particularly the first tool you have at hand when willing to upload to DepositStorage from the PC. No matter what browser you’re exercising, you can always start upload to DepositStorage by pressing the very first button in account’s menu bar. In addition, you can enter Web tab in Upload logs, where it is possible to view the uploading process and learn about file’s ultimate location, its size and upload date.

Web Upload to DepositStorage

Upload to DepositStorage from away

In case you’d like to upload files from any other source, Remote upload tool is at your disposal. The corresponding action might be found in the menu bar of your account as well. If pressing the button, a popup window appears instantly, where you can insert an URL of necessary source and login details if they’re required. In Remote tab you can check on your uploads performed from remote sources and learn their basic details.

Remote Upload to DepositStorage

How to conduct data upload using FTP?

Upload via FTP servers retains its advantage in case of Internet disconnection or any other failure; in practice, the process of upload resumes, as the problem is fixed. DepositStorage provides a wide choice of FTP servers, which require prior downloading of FTP-clients. And then just follow the steps, marked in our FTP upload manual (it is maintained in popup dialog after applying to FTP button in the menu bar). The details of uploads via FTP servers are specified in the like-named tab of Upload Logs.

FTP upload screenshot

New upload tool is underway!

As stated before, DepositStorage have something to surprise with in the nearest future. Thereupon, user’s opportunities in data upload might expand significantly as FileDrop Uploader goes live!

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to let others upload data into your storage by providing a direct link or placing FileDrop Uploader box on your web-site. Both private and public upload are possible, depending on whom you granted access to.

FileDrop Uploader is one of our coming soon features, and we promise to announce its release on the News page ASAP. Stay tuned!