Save Your Christmastime in Gavitex Cloud for Many Years Ahead!

As of today it is a few days left before the awaited approach of 2016. For many it is the precious time of picking gifts and sending greetings, rethinking the most striking achievements happened throughout the year, while Gavitex comes forward to remind one can save them for good.

Happy New Year from Gavitex cloud

It’s photostime!

Nowadays the opportunity to keep photos, video and audio recordings indefinitely is no news. Though it is during the pre-holiday fuss it is impossible not to review those moments close to heart. People do photos to memorize precious moments, and Gavitex gladly offers its disk space as a secure storage for all of them. For many users 25GB for free has become a deal hard to resist. Thousands of photos have been uploaded by Gavitex registered users last year, and we expect no less to get saved during the upcoming Christmas holidays. All in all, this holiday is designed to take the funniest and at the same time dearest family photos, isn’t?

Gavitex Gallery can be compared to a photo archive, whereas every user may review what happened since the 2015 approached. From personal experience, there may be lots of surprises, especially when it comes to instant selfies, uploaded directly from a mobile.

The year of great releases

It is in spring 2015 Gavitex released apps for perhaps most of the popular OS, introducing more options at users’ disposal. Gavitex for Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows were eagerly welcomed by thousands our users around the world, so one can only imagine how the overall number of saved files and utilized gigabytes in Gavitex has increased. Incredibly, indeed!

Simultaneously, this year we’ve watched how popular videos can be. In very deed, people started making more videos, as digital tools and social media introduced numerous tools to instantly upload and share them with friends. Gavitex is surely in the game since the release of Video application. To some extent, this feature is way more than a storage – one can view uploaded video via an embedded media player and create entire playlists of favorite clips. The same functionality is possible in Audio application – upload, listen and add your recordings in non-stop playlists!

Share emotions instead of regular greetings!

One more thing to remind is that no holiday goes without sharing. Send your brightest videos and photos to family, friends, colleagues and simply those who were around throughout this year. They’ll definitely appreciate your attention in this truly miraculous holiday.

Fortunately, capacities of Gavitex cloud storage are unlimited, both time and disk space, and we still welcome newcomers! Nevertheless the new year approaches just in a few days, rules in Gavitex won’t change. One-time registration allows users to become lucky holders of free 25GB disk space storage, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Happy holidays and see you in 2016!