What to Save in Gavitex Cloud Storage?

Gavitex cloud storage will help you out with any kind of file you have in mind. Specifically for this reason, we have launched numerous applications and features to sync, edit and share any document or media data at your disposal. Keep reading and you will learn what you can save in Gavitex just in a few clicks!

25GB in gavitex cloud storageUpload up to 10GB per file!

Notwithstanding Gavitex provides each user with 25GB of free disk space, it also allows uploading and saving data that is to cover up to 10GB at once. It means you may export the largest videos and the biggest audio playlists you have on your PC. Surely, they can be easily shared with your friends and colleagues the moment they appear in your storage list.

Any media of yours!

Gavitex applications for media files, Gallery, Audio and Video manager, can truly enhance your work with photos, music and video records respectively. Aside from simple upload and immediate access, you can always process these files, for instance, sort photos in albums or watch playlists of favorite videos via embedded media player. It is one of the essential goals of Gavitex to provide you with numerous ways to enjoy your media!

Keep sensitive data within reach!

Initially, any cloud storage is designed to help you save important paperwork, business worksheets and all sorts of sensitive documents at one place. And Gavitex is not an exception, whereas it is possible to:

– save and sort data across various folders;

– share it with colleagues and business partners;

– work on it together using FileDrop Uploader;

– access anytime and anywhere from PC or your device.

Gavitex cloud storage tools

Clear up disk space on your device!

Speaking of cross-platform access, Gavitex has released several apps for the most wide-spread operating systems. You can easily download the one compatible with your device directly from Gavitex official page and start uploading and syncing photos, videos and music right away. Among the applications Gavitex cloud storage provides for free, one can make use of:

–          Gavitex for iOS;

–          Gavitex for Android;

–          Gavitex for Windows;

–          Gavitex for Mac.

media files form any device

Have a virus-free cloud storage!

Virus protection is no doubt the feature to keep in mind. It can be of a great help if you have uploaded or saved a shared with you *exe file directly into the storage; the thing is it is automatically processed by dozens of antivirus services, Gavitex has enabled. In such a way you may protect your hard drive from any viral threat and possible damage to the PC. That’s why Gavitex is an ideal solution to save and check any setup file (*exe) you’re intended to utilize in future.

Furthermore, sign up in Gavitex and have 25GB for free to enjoy your media and docs!