Play Your Audio Nonstop. It’s Possible!

We have wonderful news for Gavitex fans and users. As you know, not so long ago we’ve released Audio Manager to fulfill your dreams of personal tracks management, and it is today its functionality got way bigger and more user-friendly.

File cloud storage for Audio

Namely, we’ve equipped Gavitex Audio with My Queue that:

  • resumes playing of the selected playlist after reentering the account;
  • saves playlist progress notwithstanding the device at hand;
  • enables nonstop listening to audio files and playlists anywhere;
  • has the same tools as Gavitex embedded  audio player.

My Queue for Gavitex Audio

As of now any audio of yours may be added to My Queue via like-named button in the upper menu. On the left, you may check you’re My Queue list and details, and manage it to your liking.

Please mind that My Queue was designed and implemented for you to avoid fresh playlists starts and to enjoy favorite tracks at any place 24/7.

Willing to try it and play your audio nonstop? Then do not hesitate to sign in and start playing!