How to Navigate upon Gavitex for Mac OS?

As mentioned, Gavitex has launched a few applications for different operating systems, and Mac OS is no exception. Holders of Macs are eligible for running Gavitex on their PCs for free if downloading its application from Gavitex official page.

Gavitex applications

Storage on Mac OS

Though, download is only the first step in case you’re intended to utilize tools of Gavitex cloud storage. You will find it in Favorites (in Finder folder) right away, and that is the very starting point of what you can do further on. In particular, the Storage content is automatically displayed if opening Gavitex on Mac. Therefore, everything you have saved in Gavitex earlier can be opened directly on your PC. Moreover, you are able to view all the stored data in case of Internet disconnection, either these are text documents or media files.

Gavitex cloud storage for Mac OSSynchronization on Mac

The other benefit of Gavitex for Mac OS is the automatic synchronization of all new files you have changed or uploaded to the Storage. The process starts the very moment Internet connection is enabled, and you can:

  • review the list of files ready to get synced;
  • follow the synchronization progress;
  • pause it at any moment if necessary.

Gavitex is at the top

All the applicable actions are indicated if clicking Gavitex button in the menu above. It also allows opening the cloud storage in web interface (via Internet browser) and proceed with already familiar functionality. On the contrary, you may enable preferable settings right in the dialog window that is to pop up on the desktop. It is here one can change:

  • synchronization settings, including choosing those files you can view without Internet connection (they are synced automatically);
  • view basic data of the account – email, free space capacities and opportunities to go Advanced in Gavitex;
  • further options (crash reports, proxy settings, connections options, etc.)

Sharing, sending, posting

Gavitex is impossible to imagine without sharing tools. One can exchange files by using right-click menu or simply via Mac PC. Precisely, the right-click menu enables its owner to continue sharing process via web interface, which includes getting a link to the file or folder, set viewing/reading options and even send a notification to those data is shared with.

In case of sharing files via Mac, one can directly:

  • post files in social networks and thus get them shared in the feed;
  • send via installed email client;
  • utilize AirDrop tools;
  • insert in a message.

All in all, the basic idea of Gavitex for Mac OS can be narrowed down to having a favorite cloud storage right on one’s PC. It is designed to suit Mac owners in multiple ways, and one can test all of them straight away as the application is downloaded.

Go ahead!