How To Make Use of Gavitex Audio?

As we launched an Audio Manager, the range of user opportunities obviously got bigger. Thousands of Gavitex account holders worldwide may store, manage and listen to personal tracks. For this reason, a guide on how to use this new functionality sounds like a timely post for us.

Gavitex Audio Manager cloud

Every application for media, Gavitex has released lately, is one more step towards the very goal of being an effective and simple service for personal files. In addition to videos and photos, Gavitex Audio Manager suggests supplementing the range of media, possible to store and manage, with audio files. You may have stored them earlier and thus partially utilized free gigabytes of your Storage. However, the Audio Manager allows to continue working with those files online being as helpful as the Storage, Gallery and Video Manаger.

The start

Once the audio files are uploaded to the Storage, the Audio Manager functionality may be used. Notwithstanding the way you import audio – via web-interface, remote upload, FTP or FileDrop Uploader – it still will get to the Manager, whereas you may evaluate new tools, designed specifically for audio data.

Audio in the cloud storage

It is in the Storage you may review the size of uploaded files and apply basic operations, for instance, enable File Protection and thus secure an access to it.

The list of tracks that is displayed in the Manager offers to review common properties that are artist and album name. However, in Gavitex Audio you may create an album of your own, and add songs and tracks you like and listen regularly.

To manage audio tracks it is necessary to activate at least one file in the list. Then one can select the necessary action in the above menu:

  • Download to the PC hard drive;
  • Tag it for a quick search;
  • Show in the folder it was placed;
  • Delete it from Storage.

Speaking of tagging, one should now that tags are managed as easily as files. While creating tags, one can easily disable those created previously by clearing a tick box in the Tag dialog window.

Tagg your Audio in the cloud

The same-tagged tracks are assembled in playlists, which may be found in the Playlists folder of the Audio Manager.

How to enable a player?

The embedded audio player is perhaps the most striking and appealing tool the application has. In particular, it allows to listen to uploaded audio without downloading or exiting the account. One can enjoy personal records directly in the Audio player after pressing the note-shaped button beside the file name. CTRL +A hotkey lets to play songs in your list altogether; in contrast, you can always select a few tracks in the list to have them played via the embedded player.

Audio Player

When expanding the player window, it is possible to look through the tracks played and apply standard operations, such as:

  • Play controls, including switching to previous/next track;
  • Volume control;
  • Shuffle/repeat setting;
  • Track bar management.

Your cloud player

Audio Manager Resume

The functionality of Gavitex Audio is available for every user of the service as of now, which means favorite music and records may be managed as simply as stored at hand. Having a personal Audio player also deprives of the necessity to search for outside apps or tools to run featured music.

By introducing the Gavitex Audio Manager we’re intended to grant our users an opportunity to:

  • Listen to uploaded audio files at once;
  • Create own playlists and manage them;
  • Use Gavitex account as both, storage and player for personal recordings.

Surely, more features and tools for you audio files are yet to come!