Guide to Gavitex Advanced Package Features

Gavitex service experiences various improvements constantly, offering more and more opportunities to users. Most of them are gathered in Advanced package that is designed to bring in convenient and effective extra tools, which you may apply to manage personal media properly. Let’s check what are your prospects if getting Gavitex Advanced package.

Gavitex Advanced package

Storage capacity

First and foremost, the capabilities of user storage are times bigger in comparison with Basic package features, as the offered space reaches the point of 1024 GB. In other words, having 1TB at your disposal significantly enlarges the scope of operations you may conduct to make the most of your media. And max file size (10GB) is still valid.

File managing

Easy file management is one of the key goals Gavitex team pursues while working at service’s functionality. Aside from familiar tools, such as Shared Folders, Upload logs, Gallery and coming soon Audio and Video, Advanced package provides unlimited File History, which means you can save as many file editions as necessary. In contrast, Basic package allows keeping only the last 5.

Gavitex Adavance package File History


Gavitex runs several ways of upload, which one could notice in account’s upload logs. However, it is in Advanced package you can use each and every, including uploads via interface or FTP, remote uploads and newly added FileDrop Uploader. The last one is especially valuable, as it is your way to let friends and colleagues exporting sensitive documents and media directly into your storage account, and receive original versions of files (without any changes).

Gavitex Advanced package FDU


In addition to uploads, Advanced package also covers several add-ons associated with downloads; for instance, package holders are capable not only to resume the process, but to conduct data download without any speed or traffic limits.

The other thing is a possibility to download entire folders, which surely eliminates the need of selecting and downloading folder items one by one. So far, this feature is in coming soon status, and users will be able to apply it in the closest future.

File security

This part of Advanced package presents a contrast to offers of the Basic. Namely, these tools are related to data safety and opportunities of its backup, and Gavitex is always eager to lend a hand in such issues. Advanced users are able to:

– save and backup personal media files using mirror links;

– avoid any viral threat or danger by enabling Virus Protection;

– apply file password to any data to secure it from undesirable view (coming soon).

Gavitex Advanced package Virus Protection


Advanced users get their questions and feedback answered first in the line of messages received by our Support Team. Therefore, you can be sure: the respond will come instantly and any problem will be fixed immediately.

Gavitex Advanced package support

Gavitex Advanced package is designed to bring in extra opportunities at user disposal and service’s ease of use. Moreover, we have good news for you! So far, the Advanced package features are given freely and without charge to each registered user of Gavitex.

Thus, why not to go Advanced?