Gavitex Memories of 2014

The year of 2014 was full of discoveries and great achievements for us at Gavitex. Our team worked hard at bringing in new opportunities and features, so that you could have highly convenient and user-friendly options at service. Thus, we offer to review the advancements of Gavitex occurred during the last year to prepare ourselves for new ones in the next.

Rebranded Gavitex

The great rebranding: DepositStorage became Gavitex

Notwithstanding we’ve met 2014 under the name of DepositStorage, a cloud drive introduced by Depositfiles, ultimately it has got rebranded to Gavitex, which was truly breaking news for our users. What is more, it is since then the functionality of our service has upgraded from commonplace online storage to a media file management service, designed to provide you with a wide scope of new tools, features and applications for digital stuff. In other words, file storage is supplemented with a number of actions you can apply to manage and deal with media onwards.

View photos in your own Gallery

Gallery is one of the crucial applications we’ve presented in Gavitex to enhance your work with media data, specifically, photos, pictures and images of different formats. Gallery enables you to view photos as uploaded and create albums, which you can tag at own discretion. In addition, it is in this application you may grant your friends, family and co-workers with an opportunity to view and download both, personal photographs and albums.

Gavitex Gallery screenshot

Your Gavitex toolkit got bigger

Besides Gallery application, we launched several other features, targeting mostly file management operations. In the course of 2014, Gavitex users acquired possibility to utilize such tools as File protection, File History, Virus Protection, hotkeys to manage data across the account, in addition to bug fixes every now and then. May we remind you that this year has also started with the release of a new tool that is FileDrop Uploader to let your friends send any data directly into your storage.

Gavitex toolkit

Brand new interface

One of the key makeovers of the year, precisely the one any user might have noticed, is completely different web-interface. The modern look of our service has been presented since the rebranding moment, and till nowadays it continues to be a powerful instrument in users’ hands. Simple menu bar, multilingual support, user-friendly appearance of a personal account, immediate sorting and control over its content – these are the very first benefits users get as signed up.

Gavitex interface screen

Go Advanced

Many of the extra features and instruments are included in Advanced package, presented by Gavitex in 2014 as well. It appears to be a great a way for you to expand your capabilities in work with files and run personal media as simply as possible. In some way, it is an opportunity to get the most of your Gavitex account.

Gavitex Advanced package

Check Gavitex news wherever you are

One more development we’ve conducted just recently is the release of Gavitex mobile version, which no doubts contributed to service’s availability anytime and anywhere. The same could be said about our newsfeeds as the means to check with our updates. It is in 2014 Gavitex joined social networks’ communities, among which one may recognize Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Naturally, the release of Gavitex official blog goes without saying. All in all, you have multiple options to find out about Gavitex news from the original source.

Gavitex social networks and blog

Far and by, we’d like to state that 2014 was a fruitful year for us and, in particular, Gavitex service. And what about you? Have you enjoyed staying with Gavitex? Please note that 2015 has also something to bring in and surprise you with!