Gavitex Is Your Media Manager

Gavitex is more than a cloud, as its functionality goes far beyond a commonplace online drive for your files. Just look at Gavitex applications’ titles, both enabled and those to get released soon. Particularly, having signed up in Gavitex, users enable personal Gallery of Audio, Video, Images and Texts.

Gavitex media applications

Gallery for your photos

Gallery, service’s application for personal photos and images, is a pioneer one amongst Gavitex tools for multimedia. Its functionality embraces a wide range of actions and operations you may conduct with image data, notably, after its upload into storage.  Being designed as a photo manager, Gallery lets you:

–          sort a mass of photos into albums;

–          search them easily using previously established tags;

–          enable or disable shared access to both, photos and albums;

–          view images in preview mode;

–          download them at any moment;

–          get familiar with basic information about a photo (size, dimensions, etc.);

–          manage layout of the application.


Video manager to come soon

Shortly, Gavitex users will be able to run filmed artworks in their own video manager. Alike to Gavitex Gallery, its functionality might be utilized once you have uploaded the video record of yours. Service’s Video application is being developed to present you with an opportunity to:

–          add video files into playlists and manage them further on;

–          stream and watch them real-time via embedded video player;

–          download any right from the application;

–          review data info;

–          grant other users an access to your video files and collections of them.

Gavitex Video application

Mind basic functions!

It is important to note that each uploaded digital file, either photo or video, gets into the storage list first, which means you are able to perform any basic operation with your data. After selecting a certain file (in other words, activating it), you can enable any action from Gavitex menu bar above or the right-click menu. These also include Advanced package features.

You can learn more about Gavitex applications for personal digital files on our About services page, or you may simply start using them.

Sign in and enjoy your media anytime!