Gavitex Gallery Got Much Better!

Gavitex team is pleased to announce the final release of our Gallery application that is developed to allow users easily backup, sort and share all their personal photos and images.

Gavitex Gallery mainWhat does Gavitex Gallery offer?

Gavitex Gallery purpose is to help users effectively organize all their photos and visual data. It appears to be one of the first amongst the planned applications for personal media control in Gavitex. Thus, each service’s user can easily access Gallery in own account onwards, and utilize its main functions. Furthermore, it is possible for both Basic and Advanced package owners.

Specifically, Gallery enables Gavitex users to:

–          view photos, pictures and all sorts of images right after their upload;

–          group them in albums, and manage their content at own discretion;

–          use previously specified tags to search them easily across the application;

–          exchange or send photos and albums to others via generated link, including users not registered in Gavitex.

Access Gavitex Gallery

1.            Go to Gavitex main page:

2.            Unfamiliar with Gavitex service users should register, get to the Storage and follow to the Gallery (click Register > Storage > Gallery).

3.            If you are Gavitex user already, should sign in first (click Sign In > Storage > Gallery).

Backup your photos and images

As image files are uploaded, they are automatically backed up, and might be selected (to perform further operations) either in storage list, or in the Gallery.

Follow the steps below to see how Gallery works.

  1.  Press the upload button in Storage that is in the menu bar above. As an alternative, you may drag and drop image files into the data list.

Gavitex Storage account

  1. Follow to the Gallery.
  2. View files.

Gavitex Gallery screen

Organize the content of your Gallery

If you upload many photos to your Gallery, you might want to sort them to better organize the files. In this case, we recommend creating albums and storing photos the following way:               

  1. Press the plus button above the photos that is to “Create album”.
  2. Name it by entering the title in popup window.

Gavitex Gallery Create Album

The list of albums, ever created by you in the Gallery, might be seen in the left-side menu. Additionally, you may opt to view all photos in the Gallery.

Gavitex Gallery Albums list

To add a certain photo to the album, select this action in a right-click menu. Then, specify the album in the popup window.

Gavitex Gallery Adding photo to album

Tags is a key to a quick search and navigation across the Gallery content. However, you should tag a photo prior the tags’ list appears in the left menu. To do this, use a right-click menu of the image file you wish to tag or press on the Tags button in the menu bar. Then, just type it.

Gavitex Gallery tags

You can also choose the way photos will be displayed in the Gallery. You have two options, Grid and Tile, which are specified in the upper right.

Gavitex Gallery display

Get file information and share personal photos

Naturally, you can get additional information about a certain photo or picture in the Gallery, including size and upload date, by performing a double click or selecting Preview in the rick-click menu. The following window allows you to:

  1.  learn more about the file (size, upload date, dimensions);
  2.  preview the selected image;
  3.  rename, download and grant access to it;
  4.  scroll over the Gallery content.

Gavitex Gallеry photo preview

Gavitex Gallery was designed to enhance your work with photos, either you are a common user or photography pro. Nonetheless, we believe that the precious and fondest memories should be kept always within reach, and our Gallery can serve it the best way.

Dash into your Gallery and check this out!