Gavitex Free Cloud Storage for Studies

Since more and more studies appeared at various online platforms, it is our turn to present Gavitex service as a possibility to set your own room for classes in the online.

Gavitex free cloud storage for studies

Gavitex free cloud storage in very deed is good for both forward-thinking tutors and students, aware of service’s opportunities to cut time and money expenditures. One of the striking points is that up-to-date knowledge may be processed due anytime and anywhere availability, and access to the Internet is the only thing necessary.

How to share your knowledge?

For example, it is easy to provide dozens of educational materials to the whole lists of students by simply sending links to them after getting them shared (just press the button in the Storage upper menu). Alternatively, the functionality of Shared Folders requires entering of recipients’ emails, so they could obtain user rights, either restricted or full access in particular. In general, it takes a few clicks to get specified files distributed at once.

As files are uploaded from PC to the Storage, one can have them managed or shared at any place, and furthermore any device. Since the release of various apps (Gavitex for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS), accessibility of personal files has covered mobile platforms as well. Clearly, there is no need to take laptops, flash drives or any other memory cards, as everything is saved and stored in the service account and could be presented or shared with students right away.

How to share your knowledge in free cloud storage

Study at any time convenient for you!

Literally by everything we do mean any educational material at hand –ebooks, pdf checklists, webinars, audio podcasts, which may be uploaded and found in respective Gavitex applications for media – Gallery, Audio and Video Manager. It is in addition extremely important to underline that real-time view of video stuff or listening to audio materials may be arranged easily via the embedded media player. It is launched by clicking on the file, or opening previously grouped playlists of media.

With 25GB of disk space given for free and 10 GB per file, it is possible to upload hours of video lectures and thousands of screenshots to have them always within reach.

25GB free cloud storage

Create your own online class!

It is interesting that Gavitex may add some interactivity to educational process. It is in our service one can create and conduct online classes with possible file exchange in FileDrop Uploader, designed to as a perfect tool for team work. It acts as a specific folder for tutors and students to:

  • drop and export added materials;
  • open or cancel to its content any time;
  • work upon exported files altogether;
  • provide access by sending a link to non-registered users (in Gavitex).

Hence, the idea of using cloud storage in education, especially conducted online, seems quite obvious if you value your time and deal with tech-savvy and user-friendly services. We in Gavitex are determined to assist you in this!

Exchange knowledge quickly and easily!