Gavitex for Windows. Handle media right from your PC!

Gavitex for Windows is one of the service’s solutions, which user can apply to manage personal data. Namely, it is your way to run Gavitex account and its content directly from your desktop, not to mention it is presented free of charge!

Gavitex for Windows

Does your OS meet Gavitex requirements?

Since recently navigation over your account via PC’s browser is not the only option you have. In particular, Windows OS users are able to access, manage and sync personal files via Gavitex application, a beta version of which is available on service’s official page. Please note that Gavitex for Windows is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Thus, check the version you’ve got prior installing the application.

Get more opportunities

In many ways functionality of this application mirrors the one you utilize in Gavitex every now and then. However, it does not mean you have no extra bonuses to make use of. One of the crucial things Gavitex for Windows application is intended to provide you with is a way to upload not only files, but entire folders that may contain dozens of files. Furthermore, in Gavitex we regard this application as one more path to export data in addition to web-interface, FTP or remote upload.

Gavitex for Windows screen

Among the other benefits, Windows application enables you to:

–          manage data via a local folder on your PC;

–          access the account in one click at any moment;

–          sync files with your storage in a split second, including drag and drop;

–          view files shared with you.

Clearly, Gavitex for Windows application minimizes your time expanses while surfing over personal files and media content. Moreover, the path to Gavitex account might be gradually shortened if everything can be done in a single folder on your PC.

All you need is to download application from Gavitex main page, install it and start dealing with data in a few clicks. If you wish to share your thoughts about Gavitex for Windows, do not hesitate to message us using this form.