Gavitex for Audio Files Creators

There are numerous services that allow listening to music anytime. Social networks and online radio stations surely are the most appreciated among users. Though, if you see value in your own audio files and willing to store and manage as much as possible of them, then you are warmly welcomed in Gavitex!

Gavitex for Audio files

Who works with audio?

One of the reasons Gavitex launched its Audio Manager is to enable our users with an opportunity to manage audio tracks made on their own. Being a cloud storage service for personal files, we couldn’t deprive our devoted users of uploading, listening and downloading those tracks, recorded on a smartphone or some online recorder. Aside from favorite music, these are known to be the most precious for Gavitex account holders.

In some especial way, audio recording is a part of everyday job for many podcast bloggers, who record their speeches or interviews and then distribute them online via social networks, blogs, etc. For this reason, it is extremely helpful to keep entire series of records at hand. As a tip, one should use the opportunity to sort recordings in playlists, which may be sorted by date or by topic. One more comforting feature of Gavitex is that you can listen to them directly in the account – the embedded audio player works the same way your PC player does. Though, you do not have to exit the account.

Directly from the recorder

Gavitex Audio is also a matter to consider for users, who work with voice recorders a lot. Students, writers, language translators got used to record things rather wasting time on writing. Without any wires, everything recorded via such devices or apps may be moved to Audio Manger folder in a few clicks. By the example of students, audio recording apps have made their studies much easier, and it is Gavitex that can make it easier way more. Playlists of lectures may be arranged as necessary, listened to multiply and even downloaded to a hard drive.

Record, upload, listen

It is impossible not to mention that Gavitex Audio enables its users to enjoy favorite music online as an alternative to limited capacities of a hard drive. Tons of favorite tracks may be stored on free 25 GB, presented by Gavitex service after the sign up. That is far more than an average user may spare on the PC. With Gavitex Audio there is no need to save playlists on flash drives or SD cards, or form one another playlist in media player each time you wish to listen to it. By adding or removing songs in Audio Manager, you can easily build your own collection of fancied tracks, recorded audio, translations, etc.

Every feature that is offered in Gavitex Audio Manager is determined to make users’ work with audio an effortless operation. One can create his own catalogue of tracks and stay the sole manager of every file.

Thus, keep recording, while Gavitex cloud service will make sure to provide you with any necessary feature to handle them as needed.