Gavitex FileDrop Uploader: Let Friends Contribute To Your Account!

Gavitex constantly extends service’s functionality, so that users could have more opportunities in media file management. This time we have enlarged the range of available upload tools by adding FileDrop Uploader, which no doubts may benefit you and your friends!

Gavitex FileDrop Uploader

How one can make use of Gavitex FileDrop Uploader?

FileDrop Uploader provides considerable opportunities for both parties – those, who enable this tool, and those, who receive access by following a direct link. Specifically, Gavitex users can activate FileDrop Uploader to:

-          get sensitive and due files directly into a specified storage folder;

-          easily work together with any uploaded data or media;

-          activate and disable FileDrop Uploader at any moment;

-          protect it from undesirable view by giving a direct link only to certain recipients.

At the same time, FileDrop Uploader recipients can:

-          add files without creating an account;

-          send documents and media files instantly;

-          work with files alongside colleagues and partners in a common folder.

Step 1. How to enable FileDrop Uploader?

FileDrop Uploader option appears the moment you select any folder in the storage. In particular, you can do this by choosing this tool in the right-click menu or pressing FileDrop Uploader button in Gavitex menu bar above, where it appears instantly. By the way, you may notice FileDrop Uploader icon in front of each folder you’ve ever applied this tool to. To learn whether it is activated or disabled at the moment, check with the icon color: it may be red (activated) or grey (disabled).

Gavitex FileDrop Uploader

Step 2. Customization

Getting into FileDrop Uploader settings is one of the key steps to proceed onwards. It is in an emergent popup window you can set which kind of access you’d like the folder to have – public or private. So far, Gavitex FileDrop Uploader allows opting only public access, but soon settings for the private mode will go live.

Gavitex FileDrop Uploader Settings

The other thing is a direct link that is specified under. If giving it to the person you’d like to share FileDrop Uploader with, he, in return, can export data you need straight forward into your Gavitex account, in particular, the folder you’ve applied this tool for. If necessary, you can always deactivate FileDrop Uploader in the Settings window.

Step 3. What options does a direct link recipient have?

As it was stated before, FileDrop Uploader is available for any user, whether he is signed up in Gavitex or not. The process of data delivery depends on the size of uploaded data. Besides, the recipient also has a choice on how to move files, including drag&drop icon and “Add files” button.

Gavitex FileDrop Uploader Window

In case FileDrop Uploader was deactivated by its creator, the recipient will see the next message:

Disabled Gavitex FileDrop Uploader

Pay attention! If FileDrop Uploader is activated once again, the direct link will remain the same.

Who may launch FileDrop Uploader in Gavitex?

FileDrop Uploader is no doubts a great tool to speed up user’s work with files, especially when it requires other people to get engaged. However, this tool is an essential part of the Advanced package offers, which is why to run it one should upgrade his account or prolong the package duration if necessary.

So, would you like to enjoy all the benefits of FileDrop Uploader? Then Go Advanced!