Gavitex on Your Device: Choose the App You Need!

During last weeks Gavitex team has released the number of service’s applications to help users in dealing with personal files and media. Thereby, from now on you have a wide choice of ways to access and manage your account quickly and easily.  And any is free of charge!

Gavitex applications

Gavitex for Windows

The application is a great solution for those, willing to handle account’s content directly from PC desktop. In particular, Gavitex for Windows, compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, will act as a local folder on the computer, throughout which you may:

–          upload and sync files in a few clicks;

–          apply drag&drop to add or remove data;

–          view files in shared access with you;

–          backup important data;

–          clear up your hard drive any time!

User-friendly interface and functionality of Gavitex for Windows may enhance your work with business documents and, more importantly, heavy media files. The local folder that appears on your PC is similar to any other on the hard drive, except the fact it syncs the content with your online storage in Gavitex account. And to get Windows client for free you need only to proceed with download from Gavitex official page!

Gavitex for Windows

Gavitex for Mac OS

As an alternative, you may also get Gavitex client for Mac OS. It is designed, so you could manage personal files and documents both online and offline, including:

–          anytime access to storage content;

–          immediate synchronization with hard drive;

–          sharing your data via Gavitex or Mac OS tools;

–          work with storage content right on your PC.

Gavitex for Mac OS is available on Gavitex official page, therefore, you can get it right away and start running your media at once.

Gavitex for Mac OS

Gavitex for Android

Our service has also accomplished the release of Gavitex for Android, one of the common operating systems among users, especially those having a mobile device. Namely, our app is compatible with Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich” and higher, and is given for free as well. While running Gavitex client for Android-based devices, you have an opportunity to:

–          remove data from you mobile memory/SD card to Gavitex;

–          access your storage anywhere and anytime;

–          upload and download files, both documents and media;

–          manage several files simultaneously and at once;

–          take advantage of Shared Files and Shared Folders;

–          apply basic storage operations (remove, rename, etc.)

Gavitex for Android may become your solution to get some free disk space on your device instantly, as any data might be removed to your online storage. Just press the “plus” button in the app and have your photos, videos, tracks and documents backed up for good!

You may get the application either on Gavitex official page or directly in Google Play Store, and do not forget to rate it!

Gavitex for Android

Gavitex for iOS

Alike to users of Android, we could not pass by fans of iOS. So far, Gavitex for iOS is designed for iPhone users only, who may benefit from anytime and anywhere access to their accounts. The app is highly convenient and easy-to-run for those willing to:

–          have their files secured in online storage;

–          access data notwithstanding whereabouts;

–          sync  photos directly from mobile camera;

–          run files even in offline mode;

–          get personal media and documents shared with friends.

In addition to familiar design, the app also runs basic storage tools, thus, you can manage data as usual.  iPhone users may get Gavitex for iOS either in App Store or on Gavitex official page.

Gavitex for iOS

We do hope that release of these applications will help you run files easier. However, if you have some suggestion, testimonial or comment in mind, please feel free to leave it, and we’ll surely take notice. You can get in touch with our Support Team or simply use our newsfeeds on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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