Gavitex Cloud Storage To Do Business and Have Fun

Cloud storage is a universal thing in hands of any office worker. In very deed, the functionality of such services goes far beyond simple file saving. Nowadays, you can work upon any project using file storage tools to edit, share and even secure sensitive documents. The paperwork goes easy and simple, especially when a favorite music track is tuned. By all means, Gavitex can do this for you.

Documents in Gavitex cloud storage

Fill folders instead of shelves

Each new user of Gavitex receives 25GB of free disk space, which means extra place for all your precious files, including worksheets, project documentation, etc. What is more, you can access them anytime and anywhere – at workplace, at home and even while being on a business trip; in other words, you have an opportunity to do business wherever you are, including various devices and platforms.

To understand the functionality of Gavitex cloud storage, one may compare its interface and own working desk. There will be no mess of documents in your account, as you have an opportunity to create folders, manage their content, specify tags if necessary, and everything is usually done in a few clicks. Sorting is everything, when it comes enormous paperwork.  In particular, Gavitex may assist you in placing documents into right folders that won’t consume any space on your desk.

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Stay connected to your clients

Sharing documents is also a thing to consider, as, at some point, Gavitex cloud storage functionality can replace tools of popular email services. To be more précised, it is in your power to specify emails of your addressees, for instance, colleagues, partners, clients, and send necessary data via a given link. Moreover, you can deliver numerous documents at once, and your chief or colleagues will get them without signing up in Gavitex cloud storage.

Gavitex cloud storage Sharing files in business


Gavitex sharing tools are of high value, if working on common project. You can give an access to its papers to others, and each will be able to read, apply changes or even download files. For this reason, you are able to organize an effective workflow of you team and spend more time on project development, rather than its arrangement.

Mixing business with pleasure

Sticking to targeted plans and goals is one of the main things people associate with office work. Surely, there is no fun in this, unless your playlist accompanies the working process.  For many, music faves, photos of beloved ones and even short amusing videos act as both entertainment and inspiration. Thereupon, Gavitex has presented its applications for media –Audio, Gallery and Video managers respectively. They are designed specifically for those users, who prefer to combine daily business routine with pleasure. And it can be shared with colleagues as well!

Gavitex Gallery to share photos in cloud storage