Gavitex Cloud Service to Organize a Fruitful Teamwork

The productivity of any team often depends on the things that unite them – common goal, interconnected business processes, and no doubt tools they operate with. Gavitex appears to be one of the latter. It is recognized and essentially implemented by numerous project teams, engaged in various business fields.

Gavitex cloud service media managers

Planning and resource utilization management are among the primary milestones providing basic principles of a successful teamwork. And it is now these are facilitated with digital and technological solutions, developed by IT professionals and incorporated by business strategists. Literally, Gavitex can help out both, having released a bunch of instruments and features, allowing a shared access and enabling doing business altogether.

Corporate database in the cloud

In practice, each company has a common database of documents, plans and reports, used by every employee in his own way. Gavitex provides space for such a data getaway at the amount of free 25GB as signed up, which can increased up to 1TB in the Advanced package. Furthermore it can be structured and grouped in folders, and access to them may be restricted or enabled for certain team members. As an example, one can easily upload and edit further on a corporate guide, and invite colleagues to view it anytime.

Gavitex cloud service advanced

Team folder

Hand in hand work is also possible in a common folder. Gavitex cloud service has enabled FileDrop Uploader precisely for those who are to exchange and edit files, photos or any other media data collaboratively. Therefore, one should not send a row of quick emails with edits, comments or alike, as there is a way to do this instantly. It takes only a few clicks to create a separate room to work together, and to track each other’s edits in the Events folder that is on the left.

Events in Gavitex cloud storage

Direct file exchange

Sharing data is usually an urgent matter when cooperating with partners, contractors, customers, etc. In this case, Gavitex sharing options can be of a great use, being enabled in each media manager, Audio, Video and Gallery, as well as in the Storage. An account owner can promptly send a file directly to the addressee’s without getting to a personal or corporate email service. Just choose the link you need to share (direct, or adjusted to blog or forum format) and update your partner on a progress!

Time is priceless

One of the crucial benefits Gavitex cloud storage is noted for is a time-saving nature. Unlimited download and traffic speed, a few clicks data management and instant files upload – all these make our service simple and user-friendly to use. There is no problem in meeting deadlines when having handy instruments at your disposal. So, why don’t you try enabling Gavitex to work, communicate and make business breakthroughs with colleagues?