You can exercise various Gavitex opportunities to handle personal media files, including favorite music tracks, video artworks and memorable photos. Our service enables you to always have them at hand by providing convenient and user-friendly features.

Gallery enhances users’ work with images of different formats, as they are uploaded to Gavitex account.  Besides capability to view them at any moment, you may conduct further sorting of personal photos and pictures in albums and share these brightest moments with beloved ones.

Shared Files is precisely the feature, using which one can share opted files; in other words, make them available to others by providing a link to it in Gavitex. It is especially convenient when you have to send some sensitive document, photo, audio track or video to your family or friends, and it can be done just in a few clicks.

Shared Folders possesses the same attributes, although this feature is applied to entire folders. You can let friends and colleagues view and even update them by entering their e-mail. Their opportunities depend on whether shared folder mode you have chosen. There are three options: Full Access, Read/Write or Read Only.

Gavitex team works upon service’s features constantly, therefore, some are to be released in the nearest future. They are:

  • Audio application to listen and arrange favorite music files. You can upload tracks, sort them in playlists, and listen to them via embedded audio player.
  • Video application, where all personal video records and clips might be stored and sorted in playlists. Users might watch them through an embedded in Gavitex interface media player as well.