The Evolution of Gavitex Service

We started our service as multifunctional cloud storage. Today, in contrast, millions of people worldwide recognize it as a simple way to run personal media, don’t they?

Gavitex storage data getaway

Data getaway

Online storage service was the first milestone is Gavitex history. In fact, it was the beginning of a fully featured tool, as aside from saving files it presented users with numerous ways to upload, download and share important data. Reasonably, all these features remain valid to date, including free 25 GB for newly signed up, incredible functionality and accessibility improvements.

It is now one can upload files and sync them across any device, as well as download them at any moment. Gavitex indeed sticks to its mission notwithstanding time – enabling anywhere and anytime access for every registered user.

Gavitex storage

Keeping best memories at hand

Since introduction of Gavitex Gallery, the service has grown into a real media instrument, empowering users to keep photos, pictures and figures in a single media application. Gallery became a source to save, organize and exchange photos at once.

It is indisputable fact that multimedia files, especially hundreds of instant photos, require additional space on hard drives. And what about mobile devices with limited SD card capabilities? Release of the Gallery indeed happened in due time, presenting Gavitex users with a handy tool to navigate upon personal photos and group them into albums. And the way we see this is shown in one of Gavitex video series.

Running media online

It didn’t take long before Video manager appeared in Gavitex. In particular, we enabled our users to watch their clips directly in the account (certainly, after their prior upload). At present, a bunch of videos may be united in the entire collections of favorite records that are allowed to get shared with friends or downloaded on any device or platform. It was our intention to provide users with a-few-clicks file manager, whereas the account holder is to do a single thing – upload files. The rest is handled by Gavitex service.

Gavitex video menager release

Expanding users’ opportunities

One of our latest advancements is associated with the release of Gavitex apps, introduced for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS. In result, every popular platform can easily accept Gavitex application and, thus, let the device owner to run personal files as before. Each application is designed to preserve main tools and features of the service. Furthermore, some constantly receive positive feedback from users, evaluating its speed and functionality. These testify to the fact that Gavitex fulfills its mission to assist users in management and handling personal files.

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