Cloud Storage for Backpackers on The Go

It is not for nothing cloud storages are said to remain accessible anywhere. And we in Gavitex are intended to prove this by example of how backpackers can make use of our service on the go!

Gavitex cloud storage for backpackers

Backpacking is highly popular these days, as one can easily set a travel route of his own and particularly get to any spot on the world map. To do this, the variety of online applications, tools and services are at users’ disposal, and even more services are offered while travelling. Gavitex is surely one of them.

Wherever you travel, Gavitex follows

Cross-platform nature of Gavitex cloud storage enable our users to access their accounts on any device, iPhone, Android-based gadgets and even Macs. However, one-click access is only a first step toward making the most of Gavitex on the go.

Save every snapshot

Travelling is often about sharp impressions, usually reflected in a myriad of pictures taken instantly. Decades ago people had to choose the best and print them in order to share the brightest memories with friends. And it is today there is no such need, as digital and online technologies go first. Thanks to Gavitex, enormous amount of snapshots require no additional SD cards or hard drives to be saved and reviewed later.

Everything is done in Gavitex Gallery – you may send, post or share the most striking photos right on the spot. The same might be applied for instant videos.

As a precaution measure

One cannot get all things considered, especially when travelling around new and unfamiliar places. Mechanical failures or device thefts happen, and these are unlikely to be foreseen or fixed at once. Though, data backup might save you from hours of data recovery or losing those incredible pictures taken before. It takes only a few clicks to automatically upload files to Gavitex just to be on the safe side further on. Therefore, backup immediately, backup regularly and backup everything.

cloud storage Gavitex

Time is precious

While travelling, every minute is of high value. One should get attracted, stunned and impressed by new destinations and scenic views, rather than watching the data loading progress. One of the crucial things Gavitex can do for travelers is to save time. High loading speed, direct upload from camera and automatic placement in the Gallery – all of these get completed while you enjoy the highlights around. And no laptops are necessary to be carried in a backpack!

Say hi from abroad!

As mentioned, Gavitex is good for sharing. Thus one can share heaps of travel data by entering a friend’s email and in such a way reach out to practically anyone from overseas. There is no need to wait until the plane lands to exchange terrific and one-in-a lifetime impressions. The latter usually happen on the go, so why not to let your friends get them?

Go ahead and share your travel experience!