How Do You Choose A File Cloud Storage?

Numerous users choose cloud storages because of their online drive capacities or per file size. However, in case of Gavitex this obvious benefit is accompanied with an incredible opportunity to store media data of any popular format.

file cloud storage Gavitex

Gavitex for doc files

We started our cloud service as a free storage for documents, and many who stays with us since Gavitex launch have already saved and shared thousands of their precious papers. The 25GB file cloud storage enabled lots of users worldwide to keep sensitive information at a personal Gavitex account, share it with friends and colleagues, and even edit it and save up to 5 updated versions. Thanks to File History tool one can easily restore them if saved like-named.

file cloud storage for documents

From texts to photos

Eventually, Gavitex was empowered with photo storage functionality that is currently represented by the Gallery for personal photographs, favorite pictures and other files in image format. One of the most crucial features of this application is a possibility to sort and keep a bunch of files in albums, grouped by date, occasions, name, etc. As on a hard drive, one can manage own photos in folders, download and upload them if necessary, and surely share the funniest and dearest files with others. It takes one click to greet a friend with a nice picture by inserting the link into an email or any other message.

Cloud storage for photos

What is more, in Gavitex Gallery, it is easy to learn when the photo was taken – the application reads out all the file data and displays it when opening the file. Thus, start digging out the oldest photo archives and enjoy long-forgotten moments of yours.

Play your videos at once

For enthusiastic video recorders, we once suggested Video application as a save and multifunctional storage for their camera masterpieces. Besides uploading and saving, the range of application services also include an embedded player to watch them right away and tools to collect videos in playlists. Video records are perhaps the largest media files one can store in Gavitex, and that is why the opportunity to make use of 25GB straight away may give some food for meditation.

Video file cloud storage

As an alternative, you may calculate how many gigabytes on your hard drive are utilized by all the video masterpieces of yours. Maybe, it is about time to free your PC from a few videos to have a place for new ones? Or you may directly store them in Gavitex by uploading via web-interface, remote upload or FTP. The choice of how to move video data to your personal account is quite big.

Check your playlist!

And the last yet only to date is an opportunity to keep audio data, either as a list of single tracks or entire playlists. Like in the Video application, all the audio files may be easily uploaded, grouped in audio collections and played via an embedded media player. We listen to favorite tracks every day, so why do not save them in one playlist and press the play button at any moment? Gavitex media player is no difference to any other media player at your PC or in online services, except it plays only those songs saved by you in Gavitex.

File cloud storage for Audio

It is perhaps the very reason to start managing your media right now. Make Gavitex personal by saving only your favorite files!