Backup, Update and Restore in Gavitex Cloud Service

File backup in the cloud is perhaps the most progressive way of nowadays to keep personal data and media safe and accessible. Sometimes we may neglect the safety of our media and underestimate the possibility of device failure or any other abrupt damage that will surely lead to data loss.


And those of us, who experienced it once, have already taken a chance given by Gavitex to backup every piece of sensitive data. The only thing left is to warn those lightly treating the security of personal files.

Starting with the Storage

It was declared a few times that Gavitex cloud service is for any file format, both documents and media data. That is why one can rest assured that either business data or favored entertainment will be saved indefinitely if uploaded once into Gavitex Storage. It is one of the key advantages the service can offer to users – it is necessary to place a file once in the Storage to find it later in the relevant media application, Gallery, Audio or Video. Further work with files is more than welcomed.

Gavitex storage

Updates are accepted!

As for the documents, the functionality of Gavitex goes far beyond simple backup. In addition to a safe data storing, one can upload further versions of the same file and process them all along the latest 5 updates. To do this, you should upload them under the same file name, and no version indication should be used in it (for instance, file_1, file_2, file_3 will be recognized by Gavitex as nothing but different files).


The value of File History is highly appreciated in case the original file was deleted, accidently removed, rewritten or damaged. Hopefully, it won’t happen to any of our users, but just in case – upload you sensitive files right now!

It is important to note that file backup and updating may be performed via Gavitex clients for various OS. For example, you may download Gavitex app for Windows and drop your files and folders from hard drive to storage in your personal account and continue managing them via web-interface, or in the reverse order.

Recover from online

It also recommended keeping copies of setup files on the online drive. Namely, you will have a chance to recover any program, utility or even the entire PC system in case something goes wrong. Furthermore, it is in Gavitex all *exe data files are checked by Virus Protection system, as it is this file format is extremely vulnerable to being infected.

Gavitex Virus Protection

Dozens of antivirus programs, integrated with our cloud service, are enabled to bring any trojan or viral danger into light, and note them in the specifically designed Virus Protection report. The moment virus scan is finished, you will be notified if any file is damaged.

Nevertheless, having backed up as many system files as possible you may restore everything in a few clicks and remain calm if your PC fails.

Still don’t believe it? Well, you should definitely try Gavitex service. Register the account and hurry up to use 25GB given to you for free automatically. Literally, it may be a good start to get used to regular data backup!

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