Advanced Package for Gavitex Cloud Service Regulars

Fortunately, Gavitex has always something to offer to its loyal fans. Being a handy tool to store and manage personal media files, Gavitex cloud storage goes beyond simple upload/download features. Thanks to our Advanced package one can easily dive into a full-featured cloud service for media data.

Gavitex Advanced package

Where there is a will, there is a disk space!

First and foremost, Advanced package owners are eligible for 1TB disk space, and it is surely a great option for those storing large digital files – professionally made photos, video records and tons of music. These can be easily saved and worked with on anytime basis, and there is no need to delete old records to upload the new ones.

It is extremely vital nowadays to have all personal media data at hand. As new technologies approached, creation of instant photos or videos became incredibly easy, and each and every is worth adding to own collection. In this case, 1TB disk space may be a unique and timing solution for those, determined to save all the funny pics, spontaneous photos and records, and have them sorted in one place.

More attempts to fix mistakes!

The apparent value of Fie History (for both media and documents) has been proven since the release of this tool. Naturally, it is helpful for users, subjected to constant editing and correcting, whereas each previous file version may be saved and downloaded at any moment. However, 5 file versions are not enough in case of working with large-scale text documents, as no one is immune to finding one more crucial mistake in the text, or to add something new.

Gavitex Adavance package File History

Advanced package allows saving as many file versions as necessary, if a file name is preserved the same. Additionally, there are no time limits, as each previous file is saved until you decide to delete it.

Unloading the hard drive

In Advanced package regular Gavitex features are significantly enlarged and improved. It is associated with more ways to upload files, including FileDrop Uploader, and unlimited download speed and traffic volumes. Sophisticated and experienced cloud storage users might have noticed that direct upload via web-interface is not the only way to have personal data stored.

Thanks to FTP servers and remote upload tools one can forward any file directly to the account, where it will be placed in the Storage. Thus, it takes less time to have your media, than a few clicks upload via web-interface. The other benefit is related to passing a file from one place to another, omitting downloading it to your hard drive.

What about setup files?

Perhaps, the most striking offer of the Advanced package is Virus protection. The possibility of data damage by external viral threats is unavoidable these days. In particular, *exe files are usually the first to get infected, and one knows how many setup data is on his PC. Advanced package owners may have their data examined with dozens antivirus services at once, and the results are shaped in plain and comprehensive scan report – Gavitex Virus protection feature enables point-based vulnerability system to define the level of danger.

Gavitex Advanced package Virus Protection

Anyways, in case something is wrong with your files or Gavitex account, you can always rely on Customer Support Officers, who are determined to help you out. By going Advanced you may rest assured you will be the first in the queue – Priority Support is included in the package. Thus, it is a cool bonus hard not to make use of, isn’t it?