Add Gavitex Menu Bar To Your Toolkit!

The value of Gavitex interface resembles its simplicity and opportunity to do most of the file operations at once. But you can see it for yourself. Just look at the menu bar of your Gavitex account!

Gavitex menu bar

In very deed, the menu above your storage list is crucial to perform numerous file operations quickly and easily. At first you may see only four buttons, but when some file or folder is selected, the menu acquires extra actions you can run further on.

Upload Buttons

As it was stated in one of our previous blog posts, data upload is the very beginning in user’s work. Reasonably, the menu bar starts with three upload buttons, corresponding to each kind of upload you may conduct – via web-interface, FTP or remotely. You can choose the one that suits you and export data straight away! May we remind you that all uploaded data appears in storage list by default.

Upload in Gavitex interfaceCreate new folder

A bunch of files usually result in a big mess of data in user’s storage, and creating folders is one of the ways to avoid such a problem. If establishing folders you may group storage content by any topic, date, type, etc. Afterwards, you may see that your storage data list starts with folders, sorted in alphabetical order.

The rest of Gavitex menu bar depends on whether you’ve selected file or folder.

If a folder is selected, you may:

Share folder. Gavitex sharing features embrace both files and folders – one may agree that sharing a folder at once is more practical rather than granting access to each necessary file!

Rename selected folder/file. This is one of the basic actions you may apply to data. It is extremely helpful when original file name contains some unrecognizable symbols, and its further search is deemed to be difficult. In addition, you can always entitle data as you find it comfortable.

Move selected folders and files into another folder. Clearly, it is one of the key tools to manage files and folders. In the pop-up dialog you can specify the location of the opted storage item and then search or share it much faster.

Remove selected folder/file. Notwithstanding the fact that it enables file or folder deletion into the Trash, this action may prevent you from doing this by accident. To be more précised, in the dialog window (appears after pressing the button), you are given a choice whether to delete it or move to the storage list.

Operations with folders in Gavitex interface

If a file is selected, you may conduct these operations (in addition to those described earlier):

Copy selected files into another folder. This action is definitely helpful in case you need to duplicate some file or folder presence in storage and in a certain folder, or in several folder at once. Namely, it is associated with some sensitive documents and their required availability in one or more locations.

File history. After several sessions of file edit, you may choose the very one you need, as far as each version is to be saved. Be reminded that File History works only if data is saved and uploaded under the same exact name.

Virus protection. Gavitex enables you to secure personal files from any viral danger. You may learn if data is infected and the extent of its vulnerability; however, this tool is available only for holders of Gavitex Advanced package.

Operations with files in Gavitex interface

So far, these are the main actions you may find in Gavitex menu bar of your account. Willing to manage personal files simple and easy? Just press them!