5 Steps To Enjoy Favorite Cloud Storage

Long-term Gavitex users might have faced the appearance of new tools in service’s functionality, starting from free registration up to incredible opportunities of our applications for media. Therefore, it is reasonable to tell newbies what they can count on, when turning to Gavitex cloud service.

Gavitex cloud storage

Step 1. Signing up in seconds

As any online service, Gavitex requires filling in the registration form, comprised of a few lines, and verifying a newly created account by email. Though, simplicity and clarity of registration are not the only you may expect. 25GB of free disk space are given to each newcomer, as it is our intention to bring in everything necessary for a comfortable work with personal files. In the vein, we provide users with enough capacity of disk memory to start enjoying favorite digital files and sensitive docs.

Step 2. Have something to work with

In order to start enjoying favorite music, video records or any other file, one should upload it to Gavitex cloud storage. For this reason, each user of Gavitex may utilize any upload tool that he finds convenient and effective. In practice, it is possible to export data:

– directly via web-interface by pressing the upload button in the menu bar;

– in remote mode by entering its link;

– throughout FTP-servers;

– from FileDropUploader, a commonly used folder with your friends.

The latter appears to be one of the recent features we’ve added for our users. As signed up, it is possible to specify any folder in your storage to act as the FileDrop Uploader. By giving its link to your friends or colleagues you can access and manage its content altogether.

Step 3. Keep data in order

As mentioned, you are able to upload any kind of data to your storage, and only they are distributed across Gavitex applications for media files – Gallery for photos and images, Audio for music and Video for camera shooting and records. Each of these applications enables you to sort digital data further on. For instance, you may start collecting photos in albums, songs and videos in playlists that one can play via embedded media player right in the account.

Gavitex Gallery Index

To learn how, just watch one of the Gavitex video stories – No way out without music? Make it sound in Gavitex!

Step 4. Share favorite things

Why not to enjoy video along with friends? That is a core reason why we enabled our users with an opportunity to share favorite things, such as dearest photos, music playlists or instant videos. Besides, there is no need to deliver them in person or to publish in social network, as it only requires entering buddy’s email to get him familiar with your file.

Step 5. Anywhere access? That’s right!

One more question that has crossed our minds is why not to enjoy stored data anywhere? Due to an overwhelming distribution of gadgets, users got used to do anything via a smartphone or tablet. In this context, Gavitex is available on any device or OS, and its apps can be downloaded directly from Gavitex official page. Most of the features, allowed in desktop version, are enabled in Gavitex mobile-friendly apps.

The only way for us is up. For this reason, we have gathered extra features of Gavitex in Advanced package that provides 1TB of disk space, Virus protection, priority support and many others. And there’s more to appear in future.

Stay with us to know what comes next!

Still unfamiliar with Gavitex? Proceed with these 5 steps to enjoy the most of your cloud storage!