Upload Videos with Free Video Hosting Gavitex

Hello, guys!

We came back and have some good news for you. Need to upload a home video clip, a music video or home-made movie for sharing with others? Now you can not only upload photos, but also share your videos with free video hosting Gavitex.

Easily upload video to your Storage and they will immediately appear in Video manager. It allows you to create video playlists, watch them anytime, share it in your personal blog, on MySpace, Ebay etc. and grant friends an access to them!

You don’t have to install any additional players! There is an embedded video player to watch personal records without logging out.

Here are simple instructions:

  1. log in to your account;
  2. go to the Storage section;
  3. click on “Choose files…” button and choose a video you’d like to share;
  4. have a patience to wait for a couple of seconds;
  5. when uploading is complete, check your video in uploaded files list;
  6. click on “Share file” icon – you will get download links for forum, blog or just a simple direct link;
  7. place it on forum, blog or social media page… and wait for your glory to come!

Free Video Hosting Gavitex - Oscar is waiting for you

Upload and share video with Gavitex free video hosting. Share your best moments, get a lot of views and who knows – maybe next Oscar is yours!

But be careful – all videos are downloadable, so your best friend can get and use it against you… We are working on this, so stay tuned.

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